2017 Spring Flying Season

Thank You for Last Season

The long cold nights of winter allow me to daydream about the warm spring air and rising thermals of free flight.  I cannot wait to be back out on the landing zone helping all of you spread your wings and fly.

First Flights on a Hang Glider

First Flights on a Hang Glider

Thank you so much for allowing me to coach you through your genesis of personal flight.  Last year I hosted 5 new students and helped 5 pilots receive Hang 1 ratings and 1 pilot receive a Hang 2 rating. It is an honor and a privilege to provide competent and safe instruction for pilots and build the future of our sport in the Upper Midwest.

New Home Base

This fall I cleared all the trees and cut away the brush on a large pasture area on my home property in Maple Lake.  Over the winter I purchased an old timer tractor to facilitate leveling the ground this spring, planting new grass and the future mowing of a premier landing zone there. 

The plan is to launch via boat tow from the adjacent lake (Henshaw Lake) and fly back to the property for a dry foot landing.

In an effort to make your flying experience more convenient and create a centralized home base for the club, I plan to build a secure shed on the property to be used as a storage locker for club members to be able to keep your glider and gear at the flight park.

Building A Club

Doyle, Jim, Paul and Paul

Doyle, Jim, Paul and Paul

My dream for this summer is to build a community of 15-20 active H1/H2 pilots who will fill the airspace around the home base of Blue Water Hang Gliding. 

Yet beyond playing around in the local air, I can foresee celebrating our first cross country flights from the Cosmos LZ back to Maple Lake and landing on our new field.

In an effort to realize those dreams look forward to speaking you personally in the next few months and talk through a plan to help you achieve your flight goals in 2017. 

In the mean time I would ask you to share your experience with friends, family and coworkers.  Invite your Facebook friends to like our Facebook page or check out our webpage.

For a little incentive:  For every new pilot you refer in who takes an introductory lesson; you get your choice of a free Blue Water hat or a shirt.

Ready To Leave The Ground

Ready To Leave The Ground

Spring Flying

Obviously everything depends on weather but weekends in April and May would be the opening of the 2018 flying season for H2 pilots. 

Beginners and H1 pilots will likely be back on the training field for morning and evening lessons in June. 

We will continue to fly at the training sight just south of my property on Hoyt Ave in Maple Lake, the Maple Lake airport, Pilots Cove in Big Lake and then transition H2 pilots to the flatlands of Cosmos, MN.

Doyle Johnson, Owner/Coach, Blue Water Hang Gliding