Eagle Package


Eagle Package


Make the commitment to becoming a hang glider pilot with this serious flight package. 

Includes 42 hang gliding lessons, harness, helmet, glider, instruments a USHPA log book and the progressive USHPA Hang 1, Hang 2 and Hang 3 ratings.

You will learn the basics of Hang Gliding including 6 scooter two lessons of ground school, foot launch, straight and level flight, and clean landings. 

After instructor approval, you will take the USHPA Hang 1 Beginner Rating. 

Then you will progress through 8 more scooter tow lessons learning proficient roll and pitch control, S-turns and Figure 8 maneuvers, downwind-base-final approach and landings and 1 lesson of high altitude flights on truck tow.

After instructor approval, you will take the USHPA Hang 2 Novice Rating. 

Now it's time to fly! 20 practice sessions of High Altitude truck tows learning complete with ground school coaching, weather forecasting, flying techniques in variable air-mass conditions, flight plans and decision making, thermaling and soaring, and the rule and regulations for non-motorized aircraft with much more!

After instructor approval, you recieve 1 lesson of intensive ground school, complete 6 observed High Altitude flights with specific requirements and then take the USHPA Hang 3 Pilot Rating.

Welcome to the world of Free Flight!

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