Hey Coach

Doyle Johnson first began to fly in 1974 when he built his first hang glider out of bamboo poles and plastic.  In spite of his best engineering as a 12 year old, his first real flights in a hang glider were born on the ocean winds of North Carolina and the birth place of flight - Kitty Hawk.  He learned to fly at Kitty Hawk in 1987 and became a hang gliding instructor.  It was at Kitty Hawk where he met his now long time friend and hang gliding instructor and mentor Steve Wendt of Blue Sky Hang Gliding in Richmond Virginia.  It was over two decades, as Doyle would fly at Blue Sky and occasionally assist Steve in training new pilots that the vision of opening his own hang gliding school and club in Minnesota was born.  

Married to his wonderful wife, Lisa, they have two sons now in college.  They own a 10 acre homestead in rural Maple Lake with dreams of hosting future hang gliding competitions.

Doyle is a USHGA Hang 4 rated pilot and a certified hang gliding instructor.  Currently he is able to train students through Hang 2 certification.  His goal is to become a Hang 5 Master Pilot with a Tandem Rating so he can introduce the Minnesota public to high altitude Hang Gliding and the dream of having wings!